Appl-Ann is a unique initiative which

Trains employees of Hospitality Establishments in 16 different courses of which the Housekeeping course is popular Manage guesthouses for 6-12 months until the guesthouse is successfull

Appl-Ann has ensued a course of action which promise to bring even more practical and industry relevant courses
to our clients all within the same highly affordable framework synonym with the Appl-Ann culture.

Our Services

Some of our services include but not limited to...

Online Courses

Grow your career and knowledge with the following online courses.

Advanced Housekeeping Training

Appl-Ann proudly introduce this exciting Advanced Housekeeping Training which consist out of three m...

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Personal Motivation Training

In this training course we discuss the importance of understanding and maintaining a positive attitu...

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Financial Training

The finance is the foundation of each business. In this training we look at the importance of costin...

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Save! with our 3 in 1 Combo

This Combo includes the Financial Management, Personal Motivation and Advance Housekeeping courses at a 30%
discounted rate for R1600.00 instead of R2450.00!

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